Explanation of some general expressions concerning processing personal data

Personal data

is information and assessments that can be linked to an individual. For example: name, address, telephone number and e-mail address.

Processing personal data

means, according to the Personal Data Act, any use of personal data, such as collection, registration, compiling, storage and delivery, or a combination of such uses.

Posten Norge AS is responsible for processing and/or data processor in relation to the data that we process.

Posten's processing of personal data

Our processing of personal data takes within the ramifications of current legislation and regulations, and in accordance with any licences issued by Datatilsynet ( The Norwegian Data Inspectorate ). Personal data is collected so that the company can carry out the tasks and services that we are obliged to carry out in accordance with the law and/or agreements.

In some cases, we carry out on-line surveys in order to gain greater understanding of the needs of our visitors. We make strenuous efforts to tell you how we intend to use this information.

You can normally visit our website without revealing your identity, or providing any information about yourself. Our web servers only register the domain name, not the email address, of those who visit our website. This survey uses cookies and scripts from analysis tools.

Specifically, we use SiteCatalyst and Google Analytics to collect anonymous visitor information to better understand and improve the use of our website. Use this link if you want to deny Google Analytics the right to use your anonymous data . Or use this link if you want to deny SiteCatalyst right to use your anonymous data. use this link if you want to deny SiteCatalyst right to use your anonymous data.

Google Ad Network gives us knowledge of effective advertising with Google. Google Ad Network collects information in order to improve its global products and services. Use this link if you want to deny Google Ad Network the right to use your anonymous data.

The personal data can also be passed to companies/organisations with which Posten collaborates, both within and outside the EEA and EU area, in order for us to carry out the tasks and services that we are obliged to perform according to legislation and/or agreements.

If Posten has a mandatory duty of information to a public body, the personal data that we have registered will be passed to the body in accordance with the official requirements.

Note that Posten's personal data processing in relation to specific services and products may be regulated in separate agreements that are published on the specific product pages.

Access and correction

Pursuant to Section 18 of the Personal Data Act, members of the public have the right to access the information registered about them. Access is granted by sending a written application to Customer Service, Posten Norge AS, PO Box 1500 Sentrum, NO-0001 Oslo. If the data registered is incorrect or incomplete, you can demand them corrected, pursuant to Section 27 of the Personal Data Act.

Storage and deletion

Pursuant to Section 28 of the Personal Data Act, information that is no longer needed, based on the purpose for which it was stored, is deleted. Posten stores personal data about its customers in accordance to current legislation.